After Midnight

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After Midnight is an unauthorized DVD released in the fall of 2004 by Chrome Dreams. The DVD features interviews with past band members, band friends, Little Rock personalities and Amy Lee’s dad. It also has a few clips from the MTV Video Music Awards 2003 and Red Carpet of the 2004 Grammy's. The film contains no music or performances by Evanescence.


  1. Miss Lee [7:23]
  2. Formative Days [4:16]
  3. A Very Close Pair [7:43]
  4. Early Recording [3:06]
  5. Walking in Memphis [10:38]
  6. Completing the Line Up [12:32]
  7. Rocky Christian Foundations [12:03]
  8. Winning Awards [6:5

Quiz: Questions and AnswersEdit

The DVD featured a quiz with questions and answers:

  1. "Bring Me To Life" was featured on which 2003 movie soundtrack? - Daredevil
  2. Who is the lead singer of Evanescence? - Amy Lee
  3. Where did Ben Moody and Amy Lee meet for the first time? - Youth camp
  4. Where do the band come from? - Arkansas
  5. What was the name of Evanescence's very first album? - The Evanescence EP
  6. In what year was their first album released? - 1999
  7. How many albums have Evanescence released with Wind-Up Records? - Three
  8. Which of these song is not a Evanescence song? - Leave Me Alone
  9. What song was Amy Lee playing on the piano, when she and Ben first met? - Metal Loaf - I'd Do Anything For Love
  10. What is Amy Lee's favorite song from Fallen? - Going Under
  11. How old was Ben Moody when he started playing Guitar? - Thirteen
  12. What is the song 'Imaginary' about? - Amy Lee trying to stop a nightmare
  13. What does the word Evanescence actually mean? - An evaporation of water or vapor
  14. What position did 'Bring Me To Life' enter the UK charts in? - Number one
  15. Who is their lead guitarist? - Ben Moody
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