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"Artifact/The Turn"
The Bitter Truth.jpg
Released March 26, 2021
Length 2:26
Producers Nick Raskulinecz
Label BMG
'The Bitter Truth'
- "Artifact/The Turn" "Broken Pieces Shine"

"Artifact/The Turn" is the opening track on Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth.


The song serves as a intro for the album. It was written and recorded with a laptop by Amy Lee herself in a hotel room on tour in 2019. She originally intended to properly rerecord it, but producer Nick Raskulinecz encouraged her to keep the original recording. He told her, "'You know, [the song]'s got all those weird stuff in it, all those little artifacts - that's a audio term - just stuff that happens because of the weird microphone and just the whole situation you were in. I don't know, how are you gonna recapture that? How are you gonna recapture that pure moment?'".[1]

"The Turn" part is a collaboration with Scott Kirkland of the Crystal Method.[1] This is what Amy said about the track:

“I see the beginning of the album as starting from a Ground Zero place after a tragedy, and then, when the guitars come in, for me, that’s getting back up.”[1]

The lyrics to the "Artifact" part are dedicated to Amy's late brother, Robby.[2]


Underneath golden skies,
You will always be there,
In the mirror, in my eyes,
You will always be there...

Where do we go now that I have seen the turn?
Where do we go now?
Find a way to go back,
To go back home, to who we are...



  • Amy Lee - vocals, synths, programming, recording engineer
  • Scott Kirkland - programming production, songwriting on "The Turn"[3]
  • Nick Raskulinecz - production, mixing
  • Ted Jensen - mastering engineer


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