Bonnie Lee is the sister of Amy Lee.[1] In 1987 at the age of three, she passed away from an unidentified illness.[2] Hello from 2003's Fallen and Like You from 2006's The Open Door were written as a tribute to her sister.

In a 2004 Blender interview, Amy talked about how her sister's passing affected her profoundly and how it inspired her to become an artist:[2]

“When that happened, my whole perception of life changed. It sounds stupid, but that was when I became an artist. The music is my attempt to heal myself. Things like that can destroy you, or you can get through it.” Lee’s gray-blue eyes fill with tears. Her voice wobbles. […] She says she won’t reveal her sister’s name, because it would be too weird to see it in print. It would upset her mother, she says, and – you never know – fans might try to find her grave.
“My sister’s death taught me how short life can be, and it has driven me to achieve things. I have a list of 50 thing I want to achieve. Not necessarily in entertainment, just personal goals. Life's fragility drives me on.”

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