Britney Spears
Britney Spears.jpg
Birth name Britney Jean Spears
Bembers December 2, 1981 (age 35)
Origin McComb, Mississippi
Genre Pop, dance

Britney Jean Spears (McComb, Mississippi - december 2, 1981) is a singer, actress and dancer from USA.

She sold 87 million copies of her albums around the world, 32 millions just in the USA in just 10 years of career, since 1998. She's placed at #8 among the women that sold more copies in the history of the pop USA businnes, gaining the fame of "little pop princess".

Revered and condemned, with her strange behaviour and her music, she's one of the most important Teen pop singers.

Amy Lee emphasized many times, for example in Everybody's Fool, her opposition to Britney Spears's shallow and transgressive behaviour.

"There are so many of these stupid pop divas that are really going down lately,” Lee said. “They’re going down, they really are. It’s not the big thing anymore. Like Britney Spears and all that, they don’t threaten me, they don’t bother me because they’re not talented…"

During one of the most difficult periodes of the pop star on YouTube's been published a video, from an Evanescence fan called "Strat", deriding, with the notes of Everybody's Fool, the singer. Still Amy, soon and surprisingly, took Britney's part saying:

"OK, hold on a second. I have to post that I in NO WAY am going to endorse any kind of Britney bashing after everything she's been through. I can't control what people put on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet, but I would NEVER want my picture or our music connected to something that's based on getting enjoyment out of someone's pain. I know what it's like to feel manipulated, used and helpless - so do most of you, that's why you're here - and by now I know what it's like to feel like your entire life is open to the world for judgement. I don't read tabloids and I don't care about celebrity, but it is impossible to escape the whole world just loving to watch her suffer. Remember that this is a human being we're talking about - and who wants to be like those horrible people that have hurt you to feel better about themselves? 'Everybody's Fool' is about the fact that the whole celebrity thing is fake and empty. I think Britney Spears is more aware of that now than anyone. I'm not trying to burn you at the stake, Strat, but it would mean alot to me if you'd take your clip down.

Love, Amy.

P.S.: Tabloids are dumb. Don't buy them."

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