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Elektra: The Album was released in 2005 by Wind-up Records for the film Elektra, a Spin-off of Daredavil (Evanescence are featured in the Daredevil Soundtrack too). As with many Wind-up soundtracks, almost none of the songs featured on the album were actually used in the movie. "Sooner or Later" is played briefly in one scene and a remix not included on this album of "Hollow" is also played. Besido of "Sooner or Later", none of the songs featured in this CD's been put in the movie. The same happened Evanescence's Breathe No More, included in thise album but not in the movie. The end credits feature "Wonder", "Photograph" and "Thousand Mile Wish (Elektra Mix)".

Track ListingEdit

  1. Strata - Never There (She Stabs)
  2. Jet - Hey Kids
  3. The Donnas - Everyone Is Wrong
  4. Switchfoot - Sooner or Later
  5. Finger Eleven - Thousand Mile Wish (Elektra mix)
  6. Megan McCauley - Wonder
  7. Taking Back Sunday - Your Own Disaster
  8. Evanescence - Breathe No More
  9. 12 Stones- Photograph
  10. Alter Bridge - Save Me
  11. The Dreaming - Beautiful
  12. Submersed - Hollow
  13. Hawthorne Heights - Angels With Even Filthier Souls
  14. The Twenty Twos - 5 Years
  15. Full Blown Rose - In The Light
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