Evanescence Wiki
Released November 4, 2000
Length 7:22
Producers Ben Moody
Label Bigwig Enterprises
Away From Me "Eternal"

"Eternal" is the final song on Origin.

There are two versions of this song, with alternate endings. The ending of the version on the album is called "Demise" and can be best described as a much slower version of the instrumental loop in "Field Of Innocence". The second version replaces "Demise" with "Listen to the Rain", a song Amy composed for her school choir. This is the longest Evanescence song to date.


This song was originally going to have three parts to the song: "Eternal", "Demise", and "Listen To The Rain". The latter was cut out.

A piece of the song was played on the piano solo "The In-Between" from the band's orchestral album, Synthesis, released in 2017.