GE 4
Music video from The Open Door
Released 2007
Time 4:39
Director(s) Marc Webb and Rich Lee
Label Wind-up Records
"Sweet Sacrifice" "Good Enough" "What You Want"

"Good Enough" is a music video for the same-titled song from The Open Door directed by Marc Webb and Rich Lee. It was released in 2007.

Production Edit

The video was filmed in Budapest, Hungary between June 11 and June 14, 2007.

Commercial reception Edit

Amy Lee made a guest appearance on MTV's Total Request Live (TRL) on September 10, 2007 to premier the video. A writer for MTV News found the video to be "dark and cinematic, it's almost as if you swallowed an entire feature length film in 3 minutes." Another writer for the rock magazine Blender was negative towards the video saying that it "makes singer Amy Lee's soul bearing that much more drawn-out with ill-advised slow motion shots of (yep) decay and destruction. (Oh, look at the record melt!) Redemption? You got it in the form of CGI tree roots, a breaking sunrise and a sudden wet t-shirt contest. And this is supposed to help the kids get over rough break-ups?"

Overview Edit

The music video features Lee in a warehouse and begins with her burying a photograph beneath a hole in the floorboards. After she walks away singing "Under your spell again, I can't say no to you" while looking directly in the camera, the hole in the floorboard slowly covers up. As she walks by a bookcase, she touches the books placed on it and they start smoking. Then she goes to her desk to write in a diary, while the floorboards and items surrounding her begin to melt. After finishing with the writing, she walks by a mirror and takes a look at herself as it starts to melt. As she begins to play a baby grand piano, the piano and the room surrounding her begin to catch on fire until rain begins to fall and extinguishes the flames. The room appears to be burnt and wasted. As the sun begins to shine through the windows of the building, a small vine grows from the floorboard and expands across the room, and blue flowers begin to blossom from the vines above the piano.

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