Evanescence Wiki
Released September 15, 2017
Length 4:22
Producers Will "Science" Hunt, Amy Lee
Label BMG
"The In-Between" "Imperfection"

"Imperfection" is the sixteenth and final track on Evanescence's fourth studio album, Synthesis, as well as the album's second single. It was released on September 15, 2017.


According to Amy Lee, the song was written in the perspective of someone "left behind" following a loss: "I struggled with the lyrics for a long time because there was a lifetime of work to live up to and I wasn't sure what to say or how to be good enough. When it finally started pouring out of me, it was undeniable. I had no choice. It's for all the people we've lost, all the people who we could lose, to suicide and depression. I'm singing from the perspective of the person left behind, the person in the waiting room. It's a plea to fight for your life, to stay. Don't give into the fear - I have to tell myself that every day. Nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect, and it's precisely those imperfections that make us who we are, and we have to embrace them because there's so much beauty in those differences. Life is worth fighting for. You are worth fighting for."[1]

Amy's description of the song on the Synthesis tour program given to those who bought VIP tickets:

We realize it's quite unusual to have the fisrt single as the last song, but if you look at Synthesis as a whole, it is our story: From the beginning of our origins through both dark and beautiful hours, to what we have become. From the tiniest flicker of hope in our most painful and isolated moments, to the overflow of love we find when we finally reach each other: Imperfection is our soundtrack song to the story of Evanescence thus far, may it bring home this recurring truth: We are broken, but we are not alone. Sometimes it can be hard not to feel like the world is falling apart all around us. We're not numb to the pain we feel it. We even see the beauty in it. Life is pain and love and beauty and loss and so much more... We have to feel it to live it and it's worth it. Don't give into the fear. Never stop fighting, never give up hope, love is worth fighting for.

The recording process of the song can be watched here on the second episode of the Inside Synthesis documentary released prior to the album's release.

Amy said that the song became "more special" for her since the loss of her brother in January 2018.[2]


The more you try to fight it, the more you try to hide it
The more infected, rejected, you feel alone inside it
You know you can't deny it
The world's a little more fucked up everyday

I'm gonna save you from it, together we'll outrun it
Just don't give into the fear
So many things I would've told you
If I knew that I was never gonna see you again

I wanna lift you up into the light that you deserve
I wanna take your pain into myself so you won't hurt

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
'Cause I could never
Replace your perfect imperfection

The way you look us over, your counterfeit composure
Pushing again and again and sinking lower and lower
The world is on our shoulders
Do you really know the weight of the words you say?

You want a little of it, you just can't let go of it
You've got an ego to feed
Too late to rise above it
Don't look now, but the little girl's got a grenade

I'm gonna lift you up into the light you deserve
I'm gonna take you down to the real world so you can watch it burn

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
'Cause I would never
Replace your perfect imperfection

We stand undefined
Can't be drawn with a straight line
This will not be our ending
We are alive, we are alive

Don't you dare surrender
Don't leave me here without you
'Cause I could never
Replace your perfect imperfection

Don't you dare surrender
I'm still right beside you
And I could never
Replace your perfect imperfection