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|}Kelly Clarkson an American singer and pop culture icon. She has two songs ("Because of You" and "Addicted") co-written for the Breakaway album by former Evanescence members David Hodges and Ben Moody.[1]

First winner of hit TV show American Idol. In her career she sold 16 million copies of her albums and she got many awards and 2 Grammy Awards.

She is a fan of Evanescence. While hosting a German video countdown show, she listed "My Immortal" as one of her favorite videos. In August 2011, she attended Evanescence's show in Nashville, TN, the first from Evanescence Tour, and met Amy Lee for the first time.[2]

Kelly Clarkson vandalizes Amy Lee's house[edit | edit source]

A video exists that shows Kelly Clarkson, Ben Moody, David Hodges, and some other people toilet papering what is claimed to be Amy Lee's house (but really isn't). This video was staged part of a planned (but not released) reality show/documentary.

Amy commented about the fact in 2007:[3]

Last month a video surfaced on YouTube which shows Lee’s ex-boyfriend, former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, with singers Kelly Clarkson and Matt Zane vandalizing what they said was Lee’s house with toilet paper.

While the video was likely meant to be hurtful, thanks to her new confidence, Lee says she wasn’t upset by it (it wasn’t even her house) and actually found the whole stunt amusing.

“This was from years ago, when Ben was still very bitter about our success after he left the band. I think it’s really funny. If he wants to TP his own house on the Internet, then I think that’s awesome,” she says, adding she believes the video was for a reality show that was never picked up. “They are pretending to TP my house — they are just pretending to be funny or cool or whatever. I don’t have anything against Kelly Clarkson — I don’t even know her — and I’m sure she would be completely mortified.”

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