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"Lost Whispers"
Lost Whispers
Released December 9, 2016
Length 0:58
Producers Amy Lee
Label The Bicycle Music Company
Lost Whispers Even In Death (2016)

"Lost Whispers" is an introduction song on the EP Lost Whispers. It was originally a song that played only as an introduction on a pair of one-off Evanescence shows in 2009,[1] but was officially released in 2017 as part of The Ultimate Collection, a vinyl collection of their three previously released studio albums, one previously unreleased album, and a collection of B-sides titled Lost Whispers, of which this song was the title track.

Background Edit

The song was originally used as a intro on Evanescence's 2009 shows in order to give an idea to the fans of the electronic-influenced sound the band would approach on the original project of their third album. Initial recording sessions for the album took place in a New York studio from February to April 2010, but were scrapped by the label.[2][3][4] This scrapped album is referred to as "broken record" by Amy.[4]

This is what Amy had to say about this track during its first appearance in 2009:[5]

Kind of like a prayer to reconnect to the old music, my old self. Calling it all back to me.
I'm glad we were able to use at least just a minute of new music. Terry and I wrote that a few months ago and its been in the "half done" bin for awhile. I think it turned into a beautiful intro.

Audio Edit


 Ooh, ooh
Lost whispers
Awaken within me
And fly...

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