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"Lost in Paradise" is a music video for the same-titled song by Evanescence. The video is a compilation of live concert footage recorded by fans from around the world.

Background Edit

On November 10, 2012, Amy Lee sent a few tweets about the video:

"All right, tour's over, dry your eyes- time for a project and I need your help! We're going to make a video for Lost in Paradise together..."

"Everybody send your best live footage of Lost in Paradise to me at:"

The video was officially released on February 14, 2013 as a Valentine's Day surprise from the band. The video was produced together by Evanescence and JuddFilms. In an interview published March 2013, Amy explained that they didn't have the budget to make a "big, old school Evanescence video", but it was still important to her that a "Lost in Paradise" video was to be made.

"Making that video was really cool because I thought that even if we didn't release it, I just wanted to put it together and document it for myself because I always wanted to make a video for 'Lost in Paradise.' We didn't have the budget to make a big, giant old-school Evanescence video, but I’m really glad that we did this. It’s so touching, personal and real."

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