Band whose song Heart-Shaped Box has been performed live by Evanescence. Before the release of The Open Door, some Nirvana fans mistook the Evanescence's song Lithium as a cover of the Nirvana song of the same name. However, the two tracks are unrelated. This is what Dave Grohl had to say about Evanescence:

Here’s the fucking deal, okay, this is the deal, last night we played a gig, and we were doin’ breakout, & I was thinking Ev was supposed to play the gig with us, but they had to cancel, alright it’s a drag, it’s a drag, now, initially I thought it was SARS, but I wasn’t sure, I’d been informed these people were in quarantine & it was all cool, evidently it’s Monkey Pox, It’s Monkey Pox, it’s a band that travels with prairie dogs & they fucking got the monkey pox & they couldn’t make it to the Weenie Roast, so last night I dedicated the song ’Breakout’ to the Evanescence kids because of the SARS, but I was sorely, I was mistaken, it’s the fucking monkey pox, so what better song to fucking let ‘em know that we wish they were here then with this song that’s called, get ready here it comes, get my shit ready, “You make me break out…”
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