Evanescence Wiki
Released November 4, 2000
Length :35
Producers Ben Moody
Label Bigwig Enterprises
"Origin" "Whisper"

"Origin" is a 35 second introduction track on the album Origin. It was also featured in the beginning of the third demo version of "Haunted".


The song in general contains no vocals with the exception of a few whispered lines from Ben. It begins with an atmospheric tone assisted by the keyboard and synth effects, gradually becoming louder until rendered screaming effects come into play. Some ripped audio from the movie My World Dies Screaming, also known as "Terror in the Haunted House" (1958), was also included. The end fades into the electric guitars of the next track, "Whisper".

Lengthwise, Origin is the shortest Evanescence song ever recorded.


I'm sure it's getting darker

Don't close your eyes

Don't make a sound

Don't make a sound

You hold the answer deep within your own mind

Death in its most hideous form