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"So Close"
Evanescence EP cover.jpg
Released 1998
Length 4:29
Producers Ben Moody
Label Sound Asleep Studios
"Imaginary" "So Close" "Understanding"

"So Close" is the fifth song on Evanescence EP.


This song was not written by the band; they covered it from another band that disbanded sometime in 1998. Its original title was called "The Last Day", but they changed it to the original band's name after it disbanded.


I've spent so much time
Throwing rocks at your window
That I never even knocked
On your front door

Ah, I walk by statues
Never even made one chip, ooh
But if I could leave a mark
On the monument of the heart
I just might lay myself down
For a little more hope than I had

The last day
The last day
The last day

Wait a time
To spare these lies we tell ourselves
These days have come and gone
But this time is sweeter than honey