The Bitter Truth
Released 2020
Length TBC
Producers Nick Raskulinecz
Label Evanescence under exclusive licence to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
The Bitter Truth
Singles from The Bitter Truth
  1. "Wasted On You"
    Released: April 24, 2020
  2. "The Game is Over"
    Released: July 1, 2020
  3. "Use My Voice"
    Released: August 14, 2020

The Bitter Truth is the upcoming fifth album by Evanescence, set to be released in late 2020. Songs will be released one at a time as the album is still being written and recorded.[1][2]


After releasing Synthesis, Amy Lee said the next album would go back to its rock roots[3], suggesting it would be raw and focus on the band,[4] and may feature leftovers from the band's two previous albums, Evanescence and Synthesis.[5]

The band are aiming to work with different producers everytime they hit the studio.[3] They recorded the first four songs of the album with Nick Raskulinecz, and then aim at working with a different producer on songs in the vein of their 2006 album, The Open Door, and "electronic, weird, mid-tempo world."[6]

In May 2020, Amy said the new songs are in a "place that’s even more raw", adding they are "all different" from each other.[7] On the album's sound, she said:[8]

"One of the things that we've been kind of aiming towards is taking the elements of what maybe are things that make up our sound and try to separate them and give each of them their own space. So some of the songs don't have strings and are fully rocking and heavy. And then some of the songs might be really in the electronic zone, and something might be more on the orchestral side. But overall, it's gonna be a rock record."

In a interview in June 2020, Amy said:[9]

I want this album to show all of our sides, really, but most importantly I want to create without thinking too much about what I want it to be, and just let it be what it is. There’s definitely a little bit of a 90s, grungy alternative thing emerging which is lovely, that’s a return to roots for me in the most honest sense since that’s the music that inspired me so much in my formative years.
The album cover, title, and first single, "Wasted On You", were revealed on April 17, 2020 on the band's social media.[1]

Recording Edit

Ev with Nick 2020

The album will be recorded in sessions throughout 2020.[10] The first sessions took place at Nick Raskulinecz's studio in Nashville, TN from January 20 to February 5, where the band recorded the first four songs for the album.

No orchestra was recorded for some of the new songs,[11] and electronics (synthesizers, arpeggiators and sound effects) were used instead.[12]

Artwork Edit

On April 17, 2020, the band revealed the cover artwork via social media.[1] The photograph was taken by Amy's husband, Josh Hartzler.[13] The cover depicts Amy's face with her mouth open and her tongue stuck out to reveal a pill with Xs and a dash drawn in the shape of a face.

When asked why the album is called what it is, Amy said:

Even though the truth can be incredibly difficult and painful, it's still better than living a lie.[14]

Track listing Edit

This is a compiled of songs that are released. The tracklist will be updated when more information becomes available.

  1. Wasted on You
  2. The Game is Over
  3. Use My Voice

We also think that this is the next single:

  1. Yeah Right


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