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"The Game is Over"
The Bitter Truth.jpg
Released July 1, 2020
Length 4:22
Producers Nick Raskulinecz
Label BMG
'The Bitter Truth'
"Broken Pieces Shine" The Game is Over "Yeah Right"

"The Game is Over" is a song on Evanescence's fifth album, The Bitter Truth. It was registered on ASCAP in early June 2020.[1] It's the second single off the album, released on July 1, 2020.[2] It's the third track on the album.


The song was written by all band members except Jen Majura.[1] Amy Lee described the track as "a protest against the facades we are pressured to put on by society. In the face of depression and anxiety - and especially in a world that seems to crumble further each day - it’s a cry to end the charade that everything’s fine."[3] She also added:

This song is about being sick of the facade. The disguises we wear for others to make them feel comfortable, the inside feelings being so different than what we show on the outside to fit within the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable, or what’s not going to make you unpleasant or too ‘weird’ to be around.
“The Game is Over” is a promise to myself and out loud that I’m going to be more of my real, inner self on the outside–not lock her up because she can’t be contained anymore. It’s also a prayer to become better, to not feel so messed up, locked up, and hurt inside.[3]

This was the first song written for the album, over a year ago.[4][5]

A 34-second demo was included on The Bitter Truth Evolution cassette from the album's deluxe fan box set.

Music video[]

The music video premiered on July 3. Like the Wasted on You video, the clip for The Game Is Over was shot by the band themselves during coronavirus lockdown and edited by P.R. Brown.[3]


Evanescence - The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)


Had enough, I've really
Had enough
Had enough of denial
I'm not alright but I'm not gonna lie
I don't know that I ever was

All alone, I've waited, all alone
Held it in as I played by your rules
I've been biting my lip
But I'm losing my grip
I'm coming down, down, down

When all the hate burns off, I'm left here with the pain
Behind our vain devices, are we all the same?

Change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don't have to pretend

Take a breath and try to play along
But I'm a terrible liar
I feel the world like a brick on my chest
And the party's just begun

Throw the rope, I'm wading through the mud
From your mouth flow a thousand truths
But you know
There's only one

When all the hate burns off, I'm left here with the pain

Change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don't have to pretend

Sweet words they mean nothing, they're not true
'Cause the game is over

I want it all or I want nothing at all
Maybe I can
Change me into something I believe in
Change me so I don't have to pretend
Your sweet words they mean nothing, save your breath
The game is over


  • Amy Lee - songwriting, lyricist, vocals, additional programming
  • Tim McCord - songwriting, bass
  • Troy McLawhorn - songwriting, guitar
  • Will Hunt - songwriting, drums
  • Will Science - additional programming
  • Tiago Nunez - programming
  • Nick Raskulinecz - production, mixing (at Rock Falcon Studio)
  • Nathan Yarborough - recording engineer
  • Logan Greeson - assistant recording engineer
  • Ted Jensen - mastering engineer


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