• i do like we are the fallen myself but carly keeps trying to be better than Amy which just isn't gonna work because Amy Lee is the best artist who is releasing music currently and she will be remembered for a long time after she's stopped releasing music.

    okay carly is good and their band is good but ben has fallen from the top where he was when he was working with amy.

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    • I wouldn't criticize them that much. The band is not trying to be better, they are actually trying to be something different. Carly isn't trying to be like Amy, she is still Carly and yes I defently agree with you on that Amy is better. I wouldn't say Ben has fallen, he is still working and I think they are all good. Many fans of Evanescence have tried to nit-pick on everything about We Are The Fallen and comparing them to Evanescence. But fans of both are relizing that Evanescence has a new sound to it, the band members of Evanescence created the sound and of course will keep there sound when they are going to make another band together. If you created something with a group of people and then some of you left and made a new band, of course you would use the same sound. You wouln't give your sound to Amy and make a completly different sound.

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