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  • I live in the worlds my mind so meticulously crafts.
  • My occupation is university student, indie author, and aspiring illustrator.
  • I am male.
  • Bio Cold is my sorrow, like a knife in my chest; and cold is the path that I walk...but I carry those memories close to my heart and remember them fondly when I gaze at the sun, the moon, the stars.
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I've been a fan of Evanescence longer than I've been a fan of nearly any other musical artist or group. I first heard "My Immortal" circa 2009 and discovered the band's other works over time, though I took a hiatus after a while for personal reasons – then in 2017, "Imperfection" came out, and I attended the Synthesis Tour and became a fan all over again.

While I'm not as familiar with their fandom as some, I truly do love their music and will support the members as they go down whatever paths come into their fields of vision.

Top songs Edit

Fallen Edit

  1. "My Last Breath"
  2. "Hello"
  3. "Going Under"

The Open Door Edit

  1. "The Only One"
  2. "Lacrymosa"
  3. "Lithium"

Evanescence Edit

  1. "Lost In Paradise"
  2. "Swimming Home"
  3. "Never Go Back"

If we're counting bonus tracks, though, then "A New Way To Bleed" would definitely be #1 on this list.

Synthesis Edit

  1. "My Heart Is Broken"
  2. "My Immortal"
  3. "Hi-Lo"

Plus all the intros/interludes - especially "The In-Between".

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