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Will B. Hunt

William Barry Hunt, also known as Will "Science" Hunt (not to be confused with drummer Will Hunt), is noted for helping Amy Lee collaborate on Sally's Song, helped co-write the Third Album, and produced Evanescence's fourth album, Synthesis. He owns a studio called Spaceway Productions, in Forth Worth, Texas.

Amy explained why she calls him "Science":[1]

I call him Will "Science" Hunt because he does a lot of programming and beats.


Hunt tracking percussion in the 2010 sessions for the band's third album

In late 2009 and early 2010, Hunt co-wrote most of the band's third album, Evanescence, with Amy in New York and Texas,[2] and he co-produced the album with Steve Lillywhite[3][4] in the ill-fated, initial sessions for the album that began on February 22, 2010 and ended in April that same year.[5] The album recorded in those sessions was scrapped by the label because "it didn't sound like Evanescence."[6][7] In an interview, she talked about him:

The sounds and influence he brings to the table — programming outer-space awesome sounds you can’t even recognize. I went through a phase where I didn’t know if it was solo time, or go write score music, or what. And then once we wrote together, I realized this is totally Evanescence.

Amy cited the song "Hi-Lo" as her first collaboration with Hunt, dated back to 2007.[1][8] The song was originally slated for inclusion on the third album recorded in 2010, but it was finally released on 2017's Synthesis.

He has a studio in Forth Worth, TX, and we spent two days down there writing and a new song came out that was so different — it was dark and inspiring. It was a groove that I hadn’t found in a long time.[1]

Songs that appear on the self-titled album that he helped co-write are "Made of Stone", "Sick", "End of the Dream", "Swimming Home", and "Secret Door."[9] Songs in bold were originally taken from the 2010 Lillywhite sessions, but reworked.[10] He did additional programming on "Swimming Home."[9]

In later references, during the (final) Nick Raskulinecz sessions, Will "Science" Hunt was not noted as a member of Evanescence, though he initially joined the band as a second drummer in 2010.[3][11]

Spin.com: "How did you get a second guy named Will Hunt in your band? That's freaky.
Amy: "[Laughs] Well, part of getting back to Evanescence was the new Will Hunt. I met this Will -- I call him Will "Science" Hunt because he does a lot of programming and beats -- when we recorded "Sally's Song" for Nightmare Revisited."[1]

In 2017, Hunt produced, engineered and programmed the band's fourth album, Synthesis. He toured the album with the band. He played synths and did live programming.

He contributed to programming on the band's fifth album, The Bitter Truth, and co-wrote "Yeah Right",[12] "Feeding The Dark" and "Take Cover", and these were originally written in 2010 for the third album.

Amy Lee[]

Hunt produced and helped Amy compose the cover songs "Sally's Song" (2008) and "Halfway Down the Stairs" (2011). He is credited for the drums in "Sally's Song", and production and programming in both songs.

In 2016, he produced and engineered her children's album, Dream Too Much.


AMY LEE - "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" by Chris Isaak

"Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing"

In 2015, he was credited as a producer and performer on her cover of Chris Izaak's "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing" from Recover, Vol. 1. The song was originally submitted for the film The Cabin in the Woods, but was rejected by the directors. It was then intended to be included on Evanescence's original third album produced by Lillywhite in 2010. However, the band's label rejected the whole material recorded in those sessions. This scrapped album is referred to as "broken record" by Amy.[6]


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