This article is about the drummer for Evanescence. For the co-writer of Evanescence (album) see: Will "Science" Hunt
Will Hunt
Instruments Drums

Will Hunt was the touring drummer for Tommy Lee's "Never a Dull Moment" tour, as well as member of the band Skrape until 2004, at which point he joined the band Dark New Day full-time. He is currently the live drummer for Evanescence who filled Rocky Gray's place on May 17th, 2007.

Amy Lee stated on that Will and Dark New Day band mate Troy McLawhorn are not leaving Dark New Day and that Evanescence are "just borrowing Will and Troy for a while" so at that time, it was unclear  how long they would be touring with the band and if they would take part in any future studio recordings, which, in the end, they did. Other Dark New Day guitarist, Clint Lowery (who will also be touring with Korn as their backup guitarist), stated that Troy and Will are only going to be touring with Evanescence until at least September 2007 but Will continued playing with the band until the end of the tour in December 2007. He is referred as a band member by Evanescence's official bio. Will is going to be with Evanescence during their show in Brazil, but Troy is not, with James Black of Finger Eleven in his place.

Will joined Evanescence as an official member in 2010.


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