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William Boyd
Will Boyd.jpg
Bembers April 27, 1979 (age 32)
Origin Little Rock, Arkansas
Genre Gothic metal, alternative metal

William James Boyd (born April 27, 1979) was formerly the bass guitarist of Evanescence. He became a full time member in June 2003 and left Evanescence officially in late June of 2006. Before becoming a full time member he often played backup for Evanescence at early shows and also co-wrote the songs "October" and "So Close". Prior to joining Evanescence, Boyd spent stints with Little Rock, AK, punk bands such as The Visitors and Lucky Father Brown. Known as a "champion" beer bottle opener, Boyd is now a part of two bands called Two Spines and American Princes.

He recorded bass on Evanescence's second studio album, The Open Door, and left the band after the recordings were completed. He co-wrote "If You Don't Mind", a B-side from the album that was released on the compilation album Lost Whispers in 2016.

Boyd's departure was officially announced in an EvBoard post from Amy Lee, dated July 13, 2006:

"...A few weeks ago, Will decided to leave the band. He said that he just cant go through with another huge tour right now, and wants to stay a little closer to his family instead. Tour is hard- you kind of have to sacrifice your life for it, so we can all understand. We love Will very much and wish him nothing but happiness in everything he does. We've been playing music together since I was in jr. high. I miss him already!... "

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