Wind-up Records
Wind-up Records

Parent company

Concord Bicycle Music




Alan Meltzer and Diana Meltzer


Bertelsmann Music Group (1997-2004) Sony BMG (2004-2008) Sony Music Entertainment (2008-2015) Universal Music Group (2015-present)


Various, focus on rock

Country of origin

United States


New York City

Official website

Wind-up Records is a label from New York. It was founded in 1997 when Alan and Diana Meltzer bought Grass Records. This label's works are distributed in the world by Sony BMG Music Entertainment, except of Canada, where the company is Wind-up Entertainment Canada, Inc., and the distributor is Warner Music Canada. Wind-up is the biggest indipendent label in he world. The company's slogan is "Developing Career Artists".

On 13th Januray, 2009, Sony Music Entertainment issues a press release telling it has incorporated Wind-Up Records. On September 2009 the world distribution is given to the EMI, excluding North America.

Some of the artists under licence with Wind-up are 12 Stones, Seether, Finger Eleven and Creed.

Evanescence's Contract

Wind-Up Records was Evanescence's record label for their three studio albums. The company signed a contract with Evanescence in 2001 after listening to songs from Origin (album published by Bigwig Enterprises, the former band's label) and other demos. Since then, nearly all of the Evanescence releases have been published under this label. Wind-Up published and distributed many of the singles (except for "Imaginary" and "Weight Of The World", both which were published by Sony for the purpose of radio-promotion).

Wind-Up Records also published the soundtracks featuring Evanescence: Daredevil: The Album (track #9 - Bring Me To Life and track #17 -My Immortal, 2003) and Elektra: The Album (track #8 - Breathe No More, 2005).

Amy Lee published, under this label, a non-Evanescence track in The Punisher: The Album (track #5 - Broken, 2004) along with Seether. The others Amy's solo publications are released under Walt Disney Records.

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