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"Yeah Right"
The Bitter Truth.jpg
Released December 4, 2020
Length 3:34
Producers Nick Raskulinecz
Label BMG
'The Bitter Truth'
"The Game is Over" "Yeah Right" "Feeding The Dark"

"Yeah Right" is the fourth track and fourth single of Evanescence's fifth studio album, The Bitter Truth. It was released on December 4, 2020 along with the album's pre-order.


The song was written by Amy Lee and Will B. Hunt.[1] It was registered on BMI repertoire in June 2020, and it's one of the four songs the band worked on with Nick Raskulinecz in early 2020. The song was originally penned for Evanescence, originally produced by Steve Lillywhite in 2010, but was scrapped by their former label along with much of the material that would become the self-titled album:

"Yeah Right was a song I started 10 years ago with our good friend Will B. Hunt (the other one! Synthesis/DTM etc). After our self titled album went in a different direction and this song was set aside, I made a promise to myself that I wasn’t going to give up on it. I knew it was worth fighting for. Perspectives shifted, lyrics got a new twist, the stars aligned and it finally clicked into place for us as a band on this record. I couldn’t have imagined it like this back then, and I’m so glad we waited for it to become what it is now. I’m so proud! Thank you Will, thank you to my ferocious band for bringing the fire and to Nick Raskulinecz for pushing us to a whole new level."[2]

Amy was asked by a fan on Twitter whether the song is about her troubled relationship with former label Wind-Up, and this was her response:

"I wasn’t so much writing about my experience in the industry, but my experience being in a band. And in the spotlight. Part of success is that there’s always somebody who wants to tear you down. Somebody who feels like they deserve more and hates you for what you have. But real life is rarely what it looks like from the outside."[3]

In her Kerrang! cover story in March 2021, Amy told this is a difficult song to describe and go into detail about because it touches on some elements of her past that she has moved, but "apparently there’s still some things that I needed to get off my chest." She added it was written, from a lyrical standpoint, in 2010 and what was going on then and "some of the stuff that was a little bit closer to the forefront of my mind."[4]

Amy felt good about "rescuing" a song from a decade ago. At the time when it was written, she didn't know what she wanted to say and couldn't finish it on her own. It was originally very electronic, which is something she "gets off on" because her favorite musician of all time is Björk, because she plays with keyboards, sounds, loops, beats and uses her voice as an instrument when making music. She changed some of the lyrics because she has changed and so did her meaning of the song. She was trying to say with the original lyrics, "Fuck it, I don't need it, I don't care about the band." When she rewrote it, it was "for the haters. Like, if you think you know, you don't know anything. Don't even! Just fuck off, I don't need you. And don't assume that you know somebody from the outside, don't assume that somebody else's life is great or perfect or be envious of something when you don't know how hard it is. I just didn't get here, I had to work to get here." When the band was brought in to work on the song, it became heavy and it wasn't originally heavy in its original version.[5]

The Bitter Truth Evolution cassette tape that comes on the album's deluxe box set contains an audio of the band working on the song.[6]


I'm the widow
On the tip tippy toppy of the highest high of low
And I’m the shadow
Of the first little flower on the brightest patch of snow

Happiness can be hard to find
I'm so slap silly happy
Everybody wants to take mine

Yeah right
That sounds nice
Everything we ever wanted and more
Someday we'll get paid
More than it was worth to sell our souls
Yeah, yeah, right

Yeah, I'm a rock star
I’m a queen resurrected just as messed up as before
Twist the knife hard
Just makes it easier to tell you I don't need you anymore (Oh)

Life's a game till you lose- then what?
I'm reaching a new level of not giving a fuck

Yeah right
That sounds nice
Everything we ever wanted and more
Someday we'll get paid
More than it was worth to sell our souls

Tell me, how is the real world treating you?
Is that my fault too?
My one mistake was giving more and more and more
More and more and more

Hey, yeah
Yeah, right
Baby, that sounds nice (That sounds nice)
Everything you ever wanted and more
Someday we'll get paid (I can't wait for the day)
(Dancing to the [?])
More than it was worth to sell our souls, sell our souls

Yeah, right
That sounds nice
More than it was worth to sell our souls...



  • Amy Lee - songwriting, vocals, piano, programming
  • Will Science - songwriting, programming
  • Troy McLawhorn - guitar solo[7]
  • Will Hunt - drums
  • Tiago Nunez - programming
  • Nick Raskulinecz - production, mixing
  • Nathan Yarborough - recording engineer
  • Logan Greeson - assistant recording engineer
  • Ted Jensen - mastering engineer